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Raef- 16 years old

Raef’s wish was to go to Orlando, Florida and the ocean.

In 2012 Raef was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma and received a liver transplant in 2013 which put him in remission. He had beaten cancer. Fast forward two years to 2015 and his family learned that he had relapsed. Since that time, Raef has continued to battle cancer.

During his trip to Orlando, Raef and his family spent two days visiting Universal Studios — he’s a HUGE The Simpson’s fan — and two days at the Disney properties. On the last day of his trip, they loaded into a rental car and headed to Cocoa Beach where they spent the day playing in the sand in enjoying the calmness of the ocean.


“It was awesome and beautiful. The best part was just being there and enjoying having fun together. Not making or thinking about doctor appointments or anything associated with it.” – Raef’s mom

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