Sporting Wishes - The Victory Project

Receiving news that your child has cancer is devastating. Now imagine your child finishes treatment and becomes cancer-free — only to find out months later that the cancer is back, or that the child has developed a secondary cancer.

This heartbreaking news is something that 20-25 families must cope with every year at Children’s Mercy. In an effort to provide these families some light during a very dark time, The Victory Project and Sporting Kansas City have launched a new program called SPORTING WISHES.

In partnership with Social Workers in the Division of Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant at Children’s Mercy, The Victory Project will identify children who receive a secondary cancer diagnosis or relapse and grant them a wish. These wishes will give the children an opportunity to take control of their happiness, and we are thrilled to help. Whether it is a trip to a volcano, swimming with dolphins or meeting their favorite Disney Princesses, we will make their dream come true.