Olivia - 7 years old - The Victory Project

Olivia – 7 years old

Olivia’s wish was to go to Disney World to meet the Princesses and to find seashells by the ocean.

When Olivia was 18-months old she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. After becoming cancer free her family learned the news that she had relapsed in 2013. Again this brave little girl battled and was declared cancer free. In July 2016 cancer reared it’s ugly head for a 3rd time.

Olivia is our first Sporting Wishes recipient. In March, 2017 her family traveled to Orlando, Florida, where they spent five days exploring the Disney properties. During their 5th day they loaded up the car and headed to Cocoa Beach where Olivia was able to collect seashells and feel the sand between her toes.

Her story was covered in a beautiful article in the Kansas City Star. Click here to read. To follow Olivia’s journey please visit her Facebook page.