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Rush – 6 years old

In 2012, Rush was diagnosed with pediatric hepatoblastoma. He received a liver transplant and chemo, he was then cancer free in 2013. In April 2016, Rush and his family received unimaginable news that Rush relapsed with the disease. Since then, Rush has been undergoing extensive chemo treatment.

Rush and his family wanted to go on a cruise to create positive memories. A family member donated the cruise to Rush and his family. Sporting Wishes got lucky enough to help send his family down to New Orleans to spend a day and night traveling about before boarding the ship.

Additionally, since a family member donated the cruise to Rush and his family, Sporting Wishes wanted to do something a little extra. Rush had been asking for a puppy, and we were so excited to make this wish come true. We surprised Rush at his home with a French Bulldog puppy after school one day. Rush, his siblings and parents were laughing and playing with “Caliber” as we left and we imagine they haven’t stopped.

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